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We know how important time has always been, in our life or whether in the organization or business. A study was published in Harvard Business review, if they work ineffectively then it costs them around 50 million hours that have been lost. Time has very much interaction with money, they are interlinked. Time tracking software is not just a tool, but it is a very important resource that helps to maintain a proper workflow. As we all are not exact with estimating the money we can earn per hour, time tracking is the best idea for this.

We all know it's not about money it's about how large you have laid the foundation of your company, then it becomes very easy to earn a handsome amount of money. So you need to bring productivity and enhanced growth in your organization, that's why time management is very important, and for this time tracking is an amazing tool. 

It also indicates the focus and the committed approach towards the organization in accomplishing targets and in developing and growing immensely. has been very important, especially in times of pandemic, it becomes more important to have a work environment even while working at home, let's look at how useful is times tracking for work is:

Providing Accurate Data- It helps in providing accurate data For example, if you want to have a big project in the future, through time tracking you can estimate almost the closest idea of how long it will take and what's the approximate time needed. It helps to know what is the investment involved in a particular project, what resources are useful, and what resources are just a waste of time for work.

Increases Productivity- When we track the work performance of our organization we try to understand everyone's pattern of work, the time they need to complete the work.

So by looking at all these aspects we can guide them on what area they can improve and how it is beneficial to them and the organization. Productivity levels decrease as we increase the workload of employees.

Observe The employee’s Work level- It helps to proactively know which employees are actually working and which employees are not working properly. Employees who work extra time will just compromise the quality of work.

It will further involve unnecessary expenses., if we look at the employees' work levels and give them incentives like telling them about monthly rewards and payment increments they tend to work better, and this way we can help to boost the performance of employees at a better level.

So by observing the present level of employees as well as raising concerns and methods to raise them to greater levels becomes very effective through time tracking.

Improve Employees Morale- If the morale of the employees is increased, there will be fewer chances of employee turnover and they will further work in a  focused manner if they are given incentives and promoted as per their work performance, so it helps to minimize the need for recruiting employees again and again as the cost involved in training, the selection is very high.

So if we try to motivate the present employees and tend to improve their work performance then it reduces the possibility of wastage of money.

Profit determination- As we have been discussing how tines tracking helps to generate revenues, profits are associated with how effectively the company can manage with tiny completion of projects by meeting the deadlines, because it all starts with a productive foundation laid down. Temp timesheets help to know the working hours of employees, with temp we can recognize where we are wasting our time.

Helps in Effective Management- As time tracking is having an eye on the efficiency of work being done, so delegation and decentralization help in dispersing the work to employees and further. Therefore it gives a greater time to the manager to focus more on ideas and projects which will make an organization grow. So time tracking software tracks the overall life performance of the projects or business from its startup to its winding up. When a decision is delayed, then the cash inflows are also generated because time tracking wasn't given importance.

So it is very important to give importance to the time you are spending and how you are spending it. Undoubtedly, time tracking will help to remove all the unnecessary tasks and the time utilized on doing those less important tasks and increase the efficiency of more productive work. Less effective tasks can be weeded and we can sow the seeds of productivity in the organization. It helps to eliminate the problem of overstaffing, so it helps to remove the problem of extra people without having that level of productivity.

The best thing is to raise your innovation and extra time and effort on developing an amazing idea and plans on creating a monopoly.





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