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We have seen many organizations using time tracking software to enhance the productivity of their employees as well as to maintain effectiveness and efficiency at the workplace through time tracking. especially in times of covid, it's becoming more important for organizations to work from home while everyone has been working from home.

To monitor the work progress, the employee's performance time tracking serves as very useful.

But it is not just organizations that can use time tracking software to save their time as money indeed, freelancers can also use time tracking, and it’s good for freelancers to use time tracking as they work according to targets and they need to finish the target before deadlines. A freelancer is a person who is self-employed or working in some other organization on a part-time basis.

Time tracker is a software where you can track the number of hours your team, employee or you have been working, the admin if the time tracking id has the access to check what are your projects, your deadlines, your working hours and also get random screenshots of your work screen.

So time tracking's aren’t just for organizations, freelancers can use it as well manage their schedule, as they work on their project they can fix project timings and achieve the target beforehand. So freelancers work as per the work content or targets and to achieve targets before deadlines being a freelancer, you should use time tracking as well.


Why being a freelancer you should use time tracking let’s understand:


BILLING CLIENTS MORE ACCURATELY- Time tracking helps freelancers to know how they should spend their time if they need to work on a specific project, so time tracking helps them accurately.

This helps them to accurately tell their clients what is the deadline and under how much time they can finish the work.

SET THEIR SCHEDULE RIGHT- Most often freelancers end up messing up a lot of work as they work at the same time at 2 or 3 places and they have deadlines and work according to different norms, so time tracking will help them to frame their schedule right to which task requires how many hours.

Time tracking can easily estimate the work hours through your work speed, so you better know which task will require more time.

It's not just about managing time but also about how freelancers can be more productive, every work to be done with maximum efficiency has to be done with proper awareness. Time tracking helps in avoiding multitasking and helps a person to focus on one task at a time.

TIME TRACKING SOFTWARE IS COST-EFFECTIVE- One of the best reasons for using time tracking is that it is cost-effective. We may go and watch so many courses about productivity, COST-EFFECTIVE efficiency or go to someone to seek advice on time management, it takes a lot of time.

So time tracking serves as one tool to solve your problems, being a  freelancer you can enjoy doing one hour at a time by fixing the number of hours to work for the particular project.

You will find time tracking is cost-effective when you will use it daily, with honesty and proper use.

HELPS YOU UNDERSTAND YOUR LIMITATIONS- Time tracking helps you to track your work speed, work progress, why do you lack behind in completing work, or what are the reasons you are not able to meet the deadlines timely. Helps you to understand your working capacity, so you can fix your schedule accordingly as it helps you work energetically.

HELPS IN SENDING INVOICES AND GET PAID- It often happens that freelancers will work and provide the report to the considered party and then when the client questions them on their report they don't have a record.

So if invoices are provided of the no of works worked along with the entire record, it makes work for freelancers even more ways with valid proof.

So freelancers can surely use time tracking which is not only just a time tracking software but an amazing way to enhance their productivity, efficiency, and their overall working mechanism can be improved and made better.

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