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How to schedule your week like a boss

Your routine should be very important to you. You should be so organized that you don't feel like someone should plan out your schedule on your behalf.

So the most essential key is being very much concerned about the time that is given to you, it's one of the most important reservoirs or resources.

So you need to have  a proper time management schedule, which you can set up through the following tips :

CREATE A ROUTINE- Start reserving time that needs to be devoted to different activities such as from your morning exercise routine to that of having meeting hours fixed. So when you start fixing time for different activities, you will block that particular time for that activity and that's how you make your planning effective enough.

Like you give 40 mins each day to have a daily exercise and then you give 2 hours and have a break of 15 minutes and then get back to work and iterate it. The routine will change after a while, but that will become more effective as you move on towards learning new things. For example, if you need to startup, you will block time for knowing how to generate leads, have more positive feedback, timetable, and so on.

DOCUMENT IT- When a productive or meaningful thought crosses your mind, immediately write it down whether it's regarding life or work.

Write it down and then understand the patterns of how you could implement the timetable in your work schedule. This will make you realize how much time you are spending on productivity and how much time is wasted by you.

So then you can further reschedule your routine.

USE SCRUM SHEETS- Scrum sheets are very helpful to work for yourself, you can fix a work target then work on that target, when accomplished can roll back and start the new work more effectively. So here you are just having a resource there to further improve your productivity. There are different software’s to have access to it.

 MAKE A CHECKLIST- You certainly need to maintain a checklist, so the task you need to perform starts from the most important one, your main focus should be always the most difficult. Make your work calendar, where you write down your task that needs to be performed and various other tasks associated with that need to be done. Making a checklist makes your work 80%better.

USE TIMES TRACKING- The most essential thing to manage your time is using tines tracking software. They make you stick to a very good habit of time management. Time is money, time is the greatest asset you could ever hold on to, so it makes you stick to the best wealth management technique.

So if you schedule your tasks daily and complete the targets, you will have less workload. So the cognitive workload theory all says the greater things you want to remember, the lesser will be the chance of you completing the work in the best possible way. So how can you reduce your workload?

In this workload theory there is a term called "problem space", it refers to the gap or the distance between the actual goal and the prevailing situation, and therefore to reduce your workload you need to divide the tasks into smaller chunks.

Therefore, managing time is very important. By dividing your work into smaller chunks and doing it daily, you can achieve a bigger target. For this, you need to identify your long-term goals, suppose you have a business plan, so you will disperse it into different areas for people who are specialized in that field. For example footwear, skincare, etc there will be different departments.

So there are different departments for the main business objective so that there is very little chance of targets not met on time as well as reduced chances of unproductive work.

This is the model we need to adopt in our daily lives.

If you divide your bigger task into monthly goals you need to further divide it by 4 step approach that is :

First, write a proposal

Send that proposal to your prospects

Sign up a contract

And then implementing it 

After this you even need to divide these weekly goals further into small tasks:

That includes firstly planning for days, researching useful data, analyzing your plan, improving it, and then rescheduling it.

You need to be an expert in managing your work, for that you just need to pick the 3 most important tasks, not more than that, tests are just unnecessary or less productive that you may have separate time for. You should have your weekly calendar to mark your progress and enhance your worn flow and self-growth.

So this way, if you focus and break down tasks per week you can amazingly master your work.

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